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ABB STANDALONE ROBOTS Product Specifications

Packing & Picking Robots


Leading ABB’s new palletizing offering is the compact, 110 kg capacity, IRB 460 - the fastest palletizing robot in the world. Capable of up to 2,190 cycles per hour, this 4-axis robot is perfect for high-speed end-of-line palletizing and bag palletizing. The IRB 460 has a reach of 2.4 meters, occupies 20 percent less floor space and runs 15% faster than its nearest rivals.

  • PalletPack 460 Function Package
    NEW: Also available is the PalletPack 460 Function Package. This is a set of pre-engineered products configured for end-of-line palletizing that greatly improves ease of use for integrators. It is available for either high-speed bag palletizing or compact end-of-line case palletizing and consists of IRB 460 palletizing robot, IRC5 controller, Flex-Gripper (either the Claw or one-zone Clamp gripper), dressing kit, ABB PLC, Jokab Safety PLC, software, user documentation and FlexPendant with tailored graphical HMI.


With increased speed, higher payload and a smaller footprint, the FlexPickerTM IRB360 is the “second generation” robot for pick and place applications. The IRB 360 comes in clean room versions and a stainless wash down version suitable for open food industries. The robot is IP 69K certified and designed to be cleaned according to industrial methods.

  • State of the art picking and packing
    The IRB 360 robot is the result of 10 years’ experience and research and development combined with proven packaging technology. ABB has over 1800 delta robots installed globally and is the leader in this state of the art picking and packing technology.
  • Extensive family
    The new family of IRB 360 robots includes four models:
    • The “compact” version - picking range of 800mm
    • The “standard” version - similar performance, greater reach of 1130mm
    • The “high payload” version - similar reach, payload up to 3kg
    • The "long arm" version - with payload of 1 kg and reach of 1600m
  • Great Features
    • High speed flexibility
    • High capacity – up to 3kg payload
    • Hygienic design for wash down applications
    • Superior tracking performance
    • Integrated vision software


The IRB 260 is designed and optimized primarily for packing applications. It is built to meet your reach and payload requirements whilst being small enough to fit into compact packing machines. Combined with ABB motion control and tracking performance, the robot is ideal in flexible packing systems.

  • Reliable – High production up time
    The IRB 260 is based upon the world’s most popular industrial robot, IRB 2400, with an installed base >14.000 units.
  • Fast – Short cycle times
    Design optimized for packing in combination with ABB unique motion control ensures short packing cycle times.
  • Accurate – Consistent parts quality
    The robot has best in class accuracy and superior ABB conveyor tracking performance resulting in excellent pick and place accuracy, both when working with fixed positions as well as on the fly.
  • Strong – Maximized utilization
    The robot is optimized for packing application and combines compactness and high speed with a 30 kg payload capacity.
  • Robust – Harsh production environment
    Durable in tough environments - IP67.
  • Versatile – Flexible integration and production
    Low on weight and height, the robot easily fits into compact packing machines. With a work envelope optimized for packing applications, the robot becomes the natural choice for robot automation. The robot comes fully equipped with integrated air and signals all the way to the gripper. Combined with the ABB packaging SW, PickMasterTM, the robot is not only easy to integrate from a mechanical point of view but also extremely simple to program.

Multi-purpose Robots


ABB further extends its mid range robot family with the new IRB 2600. The IRB 2600 family contains 3 robot models, with a 12 to 20 kg handling capacity, all of which are designed to increase productivity in machine tending, material handling, arc welding and other process applications.

  • A new compact design
    Offers a high payload capacity of up to 20kg and a working range optimized for material handling, machine tending and arc welding. It also offers the best accuracy and acceleration in its class, securing high output and low scrap rates for improved productivity.
  • Flexible mounting possibilities
    Including floor, tilted, wall, inverted or shelf mounted, which help to reduce floor space and increase access to the equipment being served. The wall mounted version has outstanding performance. These features enable more creative cell designs and enables floor space to be optimized in a wide variety of industrial segments and applications.
  • Three versions
    Two short arm variants (1.65m) for 12 or 20 kg payloads and a long arm variant (1.85m) with a 12 kg payload. Up to 27 kg payload is achievable for pick & place, and packaging applications, with the wrist held vertical.


New Design. New Features. New Technologies. The IRB 4600 sets new standards for industrial robots.

  • Sharpest path accuracy and motion control on the market
    Acquire high and consistent quality in your production.
  • Ultra wide working range
    Semi-shelf capability. Up to 1.73 cm vertical reach down.
  • Short cycle times
    Up to 20-25 % shorter cycle time than its precursors.
  • Flexible mounting possibilities
    Can be mounted in various ways, on the floor, semi-shelf, tilted or even hanging.
  • Great protection
    All versions of the IRB 4600 fully support the IP 67 standard and can stand harsh environments, such as in foundry and cleaning.


The IRB 2400 in its different versions and best accuracy, gives excellent performance in material handling, machine tending and process applications. IRB 2400 offers you increased production rates, reduced lead times and faster delivery for your manufactured product.

  • Reliable – High production up time
    Thanks to the ABB´s unique motion control of the robot optimizes the acceleration and retardation, which results in shortest cycle time possible.
  • Fast – Short cycle times
    IRB 2400 is the world’s most popular industrial robot The robust construction and use of minimum parts contribute to high reliability and long intervals between maintenance.
  • Accurate – Consistent parts quality
    Best in class regarding path accuracy and position repeatability (RP = 0.06 mm)
  • Strong – Maximized utilization
    Payload options are between 7 -20 kg. Max reach 1.810 m.
  • Robust – Harsh production environment
    IP 67 classified, steam washable, clean room (class 100) and “Foundry Plus” optional.
  • Versatile – Flexible integration and production
    All models offered with inverted mounting capability.


The All-round Winning Athlete is available in four versions

  • Reliable – High production up time
    High MTBF, low maintenance requirements, and short repair times.
  • Fast – Short cycle times
    High MTBF, low maintenance requirements, and short repair times.
  • Accurate – Consistent parts quality
    Outstanding position repeatability - ± 0.05mm.
  • Robust – Protected for harsh production environment
    IP 67 classified. Additional FoundryPlus 2 protection available as option.
  • Versatile – Flexible integration and production
    Mounting options - wall, floor, inverted or tilted


Small, powerful and fast 6-axes robot.

  • Reliable – High production up time
    High MTBF, low maintenance requirements and short repair times.
  • Fast – Short cycle times
    Fastest robot of its class. The IRB 140T offers considerably reduced cycle-times thanks to top high access speed and acceleration combined with unique ABB motion control; QuickMove.
  • Accurate – Consistent parts quality
    Outstanding position repeatability - ± 0.03mm.
  • Strong – Maximized utilization
    The combination of payload 6 kg and reach of 810 mm makes this robot the best in its class.
  • Robust – Harsh production environment
    Available as Standard, Foundry Plus, Clean Room ISO class 6, and Wash version. The whole mechanical arm is completely IP67 protected.
  • The ABB clean room robots
    are manufactured under special production procedures and thoroughly tested and packed to ensure a minimum of particle generation during service. IRB 140 has been certified by IPA, leading institute in clean room industry.
  • Versatile – Flexible integration and production
    The standard IRB 140 can be floor or wall mounted at any angle, or suspended which allows for greater flexibility in arranging the layout of the production line. Uniquely extended radius of working area due to bend-back mechanism of upper arm, axis 1 rotation of 360 degrees and flexible mounting capabilities.


ABB's smallest ever multipurpose industrial robot weighs just 25kg and can handle a payload of 3kg (4kg for vertical wrist) with a reach of 580mm. It is a cost-effective and reliable choice for generating high production outputs in return for low investment. A white finish Clean Room ISO 5 (Class 100) version, certified by IPA, is also available.

  • NEW: ABB launches faster version of the IRB 120M
    The new IRB 120T is the benchmark for rapid pick & place applications requiring extreme flexibility combined with industry leading 10 micron repeatability. While keeping its trademark compact, agile and lightweight features, the six-axis IR 120T variant delivers a substantial increase in the maximum speeds of axis 4,5 & 6, resulting in cycle time improvements of up to 25%.

Power Robot Family - Multi-purpose


Thanks to its state-of-the-art 4-axes design, customers can look forward to a speedy machine that combines a 3.15 meter reach with a 250 kg payload, making it ideal for palletizing bags, boxes, crates, bottles and more. In fact, ABB is set to reinforce its position as the sole global supplier of complete robot-based packaging line automation.

  • Reliable – High production up time
    The IRB 660 is considerably faster than its predecessor. Its optimized motor power and motion performance ensure significantly shorter cycle times than competing products.
  • Fast – Short cycle times
    Standard packaging software
  • Accurate – Consistent parts quality
    Outstanding position repeatability (± 0.03mm) and very good path accuracy.
  • Strong – Maximized utilization
    High speed version capable of handling 180 kg at full speed, and at a 250 kg version for high through-put with 3.15 m reach
  • Robust – Harsh production environment
    The robot’s rugged design and IP 67 tightness make for steady performance in even the toughest environments.
  • Versatile – Flexible integration and production
    The robot’s impressive reach means it can service up to four in-feed conveyors, two pallet stacks, one slip-sheet stack and four palletizing out-feeding lines. In fact, the IRB 660 has the versatility, reach and handling capacity to meet the demands of just about any palletizing applications.


A strong robot in the Power Robot family. IRB 6640 is the perfect robot for various applications focusing on high production capacity.

  • High payload
    The payload, 235 kg, makes the robot suitable for many heavy material handling applications.
    The payload for IRB 6640ID (internal Dressing) is 200 kg which meets the requirements from the heaviest spot welding applications.
  • Increased path performance
    IRB 6640 runs the second generation of TrueMove and QuickMove. This gives the robot more accurate motions, which, in the end, means less time for programming as well as better process result.
  • Easier installation & easy maintenance
    Several new features, such as simplified fork lift pockets and more space in the robot foot. gives easy maintenance. Almost 400 kg lower weight simplifies installation.
  • Options
    Available options for different working environments are Foundry Plus, Foundry Prime & Clean Room.
    The ABB clean room robots are manufactured under special production procedures and thoroughly tested and packed to ensure a minimum of particle generation during service. IRB 6640-180 has been certified by IPA, leading institute in clean room industry.

Welding Robots


The IRB 2600ID industrial robot delivers higher output from a smaller footprint in Arc Welding, Materials Handling & Machine Tending applications. Thanks to the Integrated Dressing (ID) technology and the larger working envelope, cycle times can be reduce by up to 15% and cost of ownership reduced by 75%. There are two versions available: 15kg with 1.85m reach and 8kg with 2.0m reach.

  • Reduced cycle times
    With the IRB 2600ID cycle times are significantly reduced and reliability increased. With all cables and hoses firmly secured, movements are easily predicted making off-line programming and simulations perfect representations of the actual robot system. Programming is faster and more reliable. And with less swing of cables, the robot can run at maximum achievable acceleration at all times.
  • Clever and compact design
    Lifetime of hoses and cables increases significantly. Being secured and protected, they swing less during operation, and are less exposed to weld spatter or cutting fluids. With its compact design and without loose hoses and cables, the IRB 2600ID has a very small footprint allowing for productive, high-density installations with 50% more robots, and up to 50% higher output from a production cell.
  • Complex operations
    With a slim wrist and integrated dressing IRB 2600ID can easily access narrow openings and perform complex movements. For example, in arc welding this means that the IRB 2600ID can do circular welds without interruption and without compromising quality – and in a much shorter cycle time.


The IRB1600ID is a dedicated arc welding robot . In the IRB 1600ID (Integrated Dressing), all cables and hoses are routed inside the upper arm, making the robot perfectly suitable for arc welding. The dress pack carries all the media necessary for arc welding, including power, welding wire, shielding gas and pressurized air.

  • Reliable – High production up time
    Faulty process cabling is a common cause of unpredicted line stops. With the IRB1600ID, stops can be reduced to a minimum. Because the cables are routed inside the upper arm, their motion is predicted given a certain cycle. And when the motion is predicted, so is the lifetime.
  • Fast – Short cycle times
    Faster then any competing robot in its class.
  • Accurate – Consistent parts quality
    There is always a blind spot when programming a conventional robot. Because of the external routing of the dress pack and a unpredictable motion of the dress pack, programmers have to use their imagination to ensure the dress pack won’t hit anything during operation. Outstanding position repeatability (+- 0.05 mm) and very good path accuracy.
  • Strong – Maximized utilization
    Payload is 4 kg and maximum reach 1.5 m.
  • Versatile – Increased accessability
    Integrated dressing makes the robot’s outer dimensions smaller. This extends the robot system’s real working range, a crucial factor when welding on fixtures with a complex geometry. It also eliminates the risk of damaging the dress pack in case of collision with the fixture. Bending backwards concept and different mounting options (floor, inverted and tilted +- 30 degree of robot base).


ABB's new robot IRB 1520ID is a high precision robotic arc welder, with integrated process dressing, and combines 24/7 production output with 50% lower cost of maintenance to deliver the lowest cost per weld in its class.

The IRB 1520ID can be up and running in hours and will boost your productivity with cost-efficient and highly reliable production. With the IRB 1520ID (Integrated Dressing) the hose package on the upper arm and the welding cablings at the base are totally integrated into the robot. This means that all the media necessary for arc welding, including power, welding wire, shielding gas and pressurized air, is routed for maximized performance and energy efficiency.

The IRB 1520ID can be up and running in hours and will boost your productivity with cost-efficient and highly reliable production. With the IRB 1520ID (Integrated Dressing) the hose package on the upper arm and the welding cablings at the base are totally integrated into the robot. This means that all the media necessary for arc welding, including power, welding wire, shielding gas and pressurized air, is routed for maximized performance and energy efficiency.

Benefits include:

  • Up and running in hours
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Requires a minimum of floor area
  • High welding quality
  • Easy access to narrow spaces
  • High production uptime and low maintenance costs
  • Outstanding welding reliability
  • Energy efficient


IRB 1410 is a well-proven and cost-efficient robot with a stroke and reach sufficient for most arc welding applications. It is based on IRB 1400, delivered in over 14,000 units world-wide. IRB 1410 is only delivered in the function package IRB 1410 ArcPack.

  • Reliable – Stiff and robust design
    The IRB 1410 design translates into low noise levels, long service intervals and long economic life
  • Accurate – Consistent parts quality
    Superior levels of control and path-following accuracy (+ 0.05 mm) provide excellent work quality.
  • Strong – Maximized utilization
    The robot has a large working area and long reach (max 1.44 m). The handling capacity is 5 kg plus an unique 18 kg supplementary load on the upper arm for process equipment.
  • Fast – Short cycle times
    The robust design together with the fast and accurate IRC5 controller enables short cycle times.
  • Arc welder – Adapted for arc welding
    Integrated wire feed cabling and mounting holes for fast and optimized assembly of process equipment on the arm. Easy-to-use arc welding functions with IRC5 and unique patented single point of programming/operation with the FlexPendant.

Harsh Environment Robots


The IRB 6400RF is the most accurate and rigid robot in its class, excellent for e.g. cleaning and pre-machining of aluminium castings.

  • Reliable – High production up time
    A well-proven design together with a minimum of maintenance ensures high production up time.
  • Security – A safe investment
    Advanced motion control and collision detection option greatly reduce the risk of tool and work piece damage.
  • Fast – Short cycle times
    Thanks to the ABB’s unique control, the robot always optimizes the acceleration and retardation to actual load, which results in the shortest cycle time possible.
  • Accurate – Consistent parts quality
    Best in class regarding path accuracy and position repeatability (RP=1.0 mm) and with ABB’s TrueMove, the robot always follow the same path, independent the speed.
  • Robust – Harsh production environment
    IRB 6400RF features robust all-steel construction with high material strength. The arms are mechanically balanced and equipped with double bearings. The Foundry Plus protection has IP67 tightness on the complete mechanical arm and can be washed with high-pressure steam, which makes the robot ideal for use in harsh environments.


The IRB 4400 is a compact robot that can handle loads up to 60 kg. Exceptional all-round capabilities and stiffness make IRB 4400 perfectly matched for variety of applications where accuracy, speed rigidity and flexibility are important.

  • Fast acceleration and top speed
    The IRB 4400 robot has short cycle times
  • Accurate
    The IRB 4400 robot has consistent parts quality
  • Versatile
    The IRB 4400 robot has flexible integration and production abilities
  • Protected for harsh environments to IP 67 for the entire robot
    • Optional FoundryPlus version - can be washed down with high pressure steam.
    • Optional FoundryPrime version - for waterjet cleaning of castings and machined parts.

Painting Robots


IRB 580 is a highly flexible, cost-effective and accurate paint robot system.

The IRB 580 complements our 540 and 5400 series with the same relentless commitment to quality that our customers have been relying on since 1969.

The hollow-wrist IRB 580 is a compact, fast and accurate paint robot, which offers increased productivity, high precision and efficiency.

It is available in two versions:

  • short (1220 mm)
  • long (1620 mm) horizontal arm


The unique design and configuration of the wall mounted FlexPainter IRB 5500 has created the largest and most flexible robot working envelope of any exterior car body paint robot.

It takes two FlexPainter IRB 5500s to handle jobs that up until now have required four paint robots. The results are lower cost, both initially and in the long run, faster installation, high uptime and reliability.

The FlexPainter IRB 5500 is specifically designed for ABB’s efficient FlexBell Cartridge System (CBS). The loss during color change is close to zero. It is the best solution for non-batch painting and multiple colors.

Benefits include:

  • Faster return on investment
  • Improved reliability of a complete automation system
  • Increased flexibility for new processes and new vehicle models
  • Reduced size and environmental impact of robotic paint booths
  • Reduced required booth length and width for a robotic paint system
  • Reduced air handling volumes for ventilation
  • Reduced emissions from booth exhausts
  • Reduced machine programming efforts, in time and personnel requirements


The FlexLine system provides paint solutions which maximize your performance and minimize your costs.

The IRB 5400 is a family of paint robots offering accurate painting, high uptime, low paint consumption, short cycle times and effective integration of paint application equipment. Additional benefits include an expansive working envelope, high load capacity and reliable operation. ABB's unique Integrated Process System (IPS) features closed loop regulation and high-speed control for paint and airflow adjustment which minimizes overspray and secures a uniform film build.

The time and paint savings of the IRB 5400-series will impress you. By integrating colour change valves, pumps, flow sensors and air- and paint regulators into the arm of the IRB 5400, we have made the IRB 5400 one of the most reliable, cost-effective paint process robots in its class.

  • The IRB 5400 series comes in 6 different versions:
    • IRB 5400-12, Slim arm
    • IRB 5400-13, Slim arm on Clean-wall rail
    • IRB 5400-14, Slim arm on In-booth rail
    • IRB 5400-22, Process robot
    • IRB 5400-23, Process robot on Clean-wall rail
    • IRB 5400-24, Process robot on In-booth rail


The IRB 52 is a compact painting robot designed specifically for consumable parts painting in general industry. With its small size and large working envelope, it is flexible and versatile, while its high speed and accuracy offers short cycle times. It includes ABB’s unique integrated paint system, IPS.

  • Reliable
    A combination of proven technology and well tested innovations
  • Fast
    High speed in all axes delivering improved cycle times.
  • Accurate
    Outstanding position repeatability resulting in high process and product quality
  • Flexible
    versatile mounting options enabling space saving layouts
  • Versatile
    wide reach, long stroke and ability to handle large payloads
  • Compact
    smaller spray booth size and reduced ventilation needs resulting in increased energy efficiency
  • The IRB 52 comes in two versions:
    • IRB 52 / 1.2 m vertical arm
    • IRB 52 / 1.45 m vertical arm