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Afi Systems E-Privacy Policy

The Afi Systems website uses Google Analytics to help analyse how visitors use our site. Google Analytics uses first-party "cookies", which are small text files placed on your computer, to collect log information and visitor behaviour information in an anonymous format. These cookies are used to store non-personally identifiable information, such as what time your visit occurred, whether you have been to the site before, and what site referred you (if any) to our web page.

The term anonymous means no personally identifiable data is collected about you unless you explicitly submit that information via a fill-in form on this website such as our contacts page. If Afi Systems need any personal data from you - for example your email address to register for a newsletter or book a repair, or to add feedback or a comment – Afi Systems will ask for it and you will have the option to either provide it (therefore giving your consent) or not.

The anonymous information generated by Google Analytics cookies about your use of the Afi Systems website, as well as your IP address, is transmitted to Google. This information is then processed to compile statistical reports and charts on website activity for and only. We use these reports to evaluate collective visitor usage so that we can optimise our content, its marketing and to fulfil our visitors needs. We feel that the collection of this anonymous data is essential for us to operate this website as a free to use service, and to offer our clients and visitors the best experience now and in the future.

We also use a Google Maps link on our contacts page to help you locate our offices. Google Maps also uses cookies to give you location relevant data. This helps google to give you optimised information based on your location, and can work in conjunction with Google Plus accounts to give you the best experience.

Afi Systems will never link any IP addresses with the identity of a computer user. Afi Systems will not associate any data gathered from this site with any personally identifiable information from any source, unless you explicitly submit that information via a fill-in form or when it is required for online purchases.

This is our personal commitment to you as a valued visitor, client or potential client. For more information, see my our terms and conditions page for the use of this website, a link can be found at the bottom of this page.

Further Information

For further information about how Google Analytics uses cookies and IP address data, see:

For additional information on Google policies please see:

If you so choose you can now download a browser plugin that will allow you to Opt-out of sending information to Google Analytics. This plugin is available for most browsers and is available here.

Cookie name as shown by your browser What the cookie does Where it runs from
PREF These cookies are used by Google Maps to retain your settings on the Google Maps service such as zoom levels
SNID / S / NID These cookies are used by Google Maps to deliver maps to your device and to track usage of the Google Maps service.
PHPSESSID This cookie contains a session ID which is a mechanism for distinguishing your visit to our website from any other visitors that may be using the website at the same time. It expires when you leave our site after a short time limit.,
__utma These cookies are part of the Google analytics service and are usually prefixed with __utm*. UTMA contains a unique and anonymous identifying ID, which allows us to ensure that subsequent visits to our website are recorded as belonging to the same (unique) visitor. This cookie expires after two years.,,
__utmb UTMB is used to establish and continue a unique user session. Each time you request another page from the website the cookie is updated to expire after 30 minutes.,,
__utmc UTMC works with __utmb to determine when to create a new session for a website visitor. This is a session cookie and expires when you exit the browser.,,
__utmz UTMZ tracks how you found us and is used to calculate traffic and navigation within the website. It is updated with every new page view and expires after 6 months.,,

Email privacy policy

We have created this email privacy policy to demonstrate our firm commitment to your privacy and the protection of your information when we send or receive emails.

Did you receive an email from us?

If you received a mailing from us, (a) your email address is either listed with us as someone who has expressly shared this address for the purpose of receiving information in the future, or (b) you have registered or used our services or otherwise have an existing relationship with us. We respect your time and attention by controlling the frequency of our mailings.

How we protect your privacy

We use security measures to protect against the loss, misuse and alteration of data used by our systems.

Sharing and Usage

We will never share, sell, or rent individual personal information with anyone without your advance permission or unless ordered by a court of law. Information submitted to us is only available to employees managing this information for purposes of contacting you or sending you emails based on your request for information and to contracted service providers for purposes of providing services relating to our communications with you.

How can you stop receiving email from us?

Each email sent contains an easy way for you to cease receiving email from us, or to change your expressed interests. If you wish to do this, simply follow the instructions at the end of any email. If an email from us does not contain an unsubscribe link, then it does not come from us and you can report it to us if you wish. See below.

We will endeavour to remove an email address within 1-5 working days.If you have received unwanted, unsolicited email sent via our system or purporting to be sent via our system, please forward a copy of that email with your comments to for review.